Enhance the monetization of your content and native ads.


Native Ads are great...

Except when they aren't.

Native advertising has brought a lot of value to content publishers, but on pages where users have strong commercial intent, these ads are often lacking.

  • Bad Targeting: Because of a relatively small advertising base, there often aren't enough ads in a given vertical to match to your users interest. 
  • Engagement: On your most valuable pages, these ads reduce engagement and take your users away to competitors. 
  • Lost Opportunity: When you show ads that don't match your users' interests, you're missing a big opportunity to make more money from your site.

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That's why we're here.

With SearchLinks, you make more money from a better user experience.

  • Page Level Targeting: Our 150,000+ advertiser base allows us to target down to the page level, which improves ad quality and yield.
  • Selective Serving: Sometimes it's best to not show an ad. Our technology identifies low yield pages. You give us a CPM threshold and if we can't hit it, we won't show ads. 
  • Better Monetization: Because our units so closely match the search intent of your users, SearchLinks can monetize 3-4x better than content recommendation solutions. 

Because of our targeting and selective serving, you can see 4-5 x higher monetization by using SearchLinks on your most valuable pages.

How Does it Work? 


SearchLinks identifies the pages of your site where users are searching...researching a product to buy, learning about mortgages or even planning a trip

If we detect search intent, we serve SearchLInks specific to the content of the page, generating 4-5x more revenue for you than content recommendation services. 

You can set at CPM floor at a page level. If we can't beat you minimums or If we don't detect search intent, we won't show, so you preserve your existing monetization.


Getting started is easy


You place our code.
Publishers get started by placing a few lines of code. 


We read the page.
We analyze and index your page to select relevant ads.


You make money.
SearchLinks automatically optimizes your revenue.



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