What is SearchLinks?

We offer a suite of native-style ad units for mobile and desktop publishers. SearchLinks enables content publishers to tap into the enormous search based budgets of advertisers. We have a variety of formats to integrate our ads with your content. 

Here is an example of a SearchLinks ad unit typically placed below content:


How SearchLinks Works


1. You place our code. 

Publishers get started by placing a few lines of code.

2. We read the page.

We analyze and index your page to select relevant ads.

3. You make money.

SearchLinks automatically optimizes your revenue.


Why SearchLinks?

You make more money while keeping more of your users.

Easy Integration

  • Just a few lines of code. Most integrations are quick and easy.
  • Customizable to match the look and feel of your site.
  • We provide support by phone and email!

Brand Friendly

  • Ads are tasteful and contextual to maintain the integrity of your content.
  • No click baiting or deceptive ads.
  • Your users stay engaged with your content. 

High CPMs  

  • Content identified and indexed at the page level.
  • That content is matched with commercial intent. 
  • Publishers get search level monetization from display placements.

Want to learn more?

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Eric Keith • eric.keith@inuvo.com • 501.205.8508 ext.8026